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January 9, 2019
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What is a Folding Cycle

Nov 26, 2018

From MTBs, traditional urban cycles, hybrid cycles, to road racing cycles, there are now many different types of cycles to suit different interests. But none of them matches the convenience of folding bicycles. Read this post to know what they are and how they work.

There are now bicycles of many different sizes and shapes. Not just the sizes and shapes, there are now bikes for specific interests too. From MTBs, hybrid trekking, urban cycling, BMX street, cardio training, to road cycling, there are several models to suit every buyer and his/her interests.

However, one of the biggest complaints about bikes is with regards to its complex shape which makes it very difficult for the riders to carry, transport, and store their bikes. An easy solution for this long-standing problem is a folding bicycle. While these bicycles have been around for some time, it is in the past few years that they’re enjoying widespread popularity.

So, what are foldable bikes? How do they work? Who should use them?

Let us find answers to these questions.

What is a Foldable Bike?

As the name suggests, a foldable bike is a type of bike that is designed in a way to fold down into a compact form. Their revolutionary design avoids or at least reduces the space issues that other types of bikes are plagued with, making them a highly versatile type of bike.

Once folded, they are very easy to carry, fit in areas where normal bikes won’t fit, and store away. But it is worth noting that the function and design of these bikes slightly alter the core characteristic of bikes. As a result, the riding experience with these bikes is somewhat different than other types of bicycles.

Do all the Bikes have the Same Folding Mechanism?

No, the bikes significantly vary in the way they are designed and folded. Manufacturers focus on aspects like compactness, faster assembly, weights, etc. to manufacture foldable bikes. On the basis of these factors, the foldable bikes can be differentiated.

Also, folding bikes can also be a road bike, mountain bike, BMX, or a cruiser. But if it has a folding mechanism and it’ll first be known as a foldable bike .

In most of the cases, the bikes compact down to a point where both the wheels sit side-by-side for reducing the space requirements. Even the saddle and handlebars could be folded or dismantled in many different ways but easy ways based on the model you select.

Who Should use a Foldable Bike?

If you are a hobby cyclist, you know the feeling when you see a beautiful terrain from your car window only to wish if you had your bike with you right then. However, carrying bulky bikes with you on your travel is not a feasible option.

Also, many different types of people who use bikes can replace their standard rides with a foldable bike for better carrying and storing convenience. As mentioned above, there are now mountain bikes, road bikes, and cruisers available in the foldable format.

Some rider types that can benefit from such bikes are-

  • Commuters
  • Mountain bikers
  • Road bikers
  • Hikers/travellers
  • Leisure riders

But it is essential to know that while folding cycle is now available in many different styles and designs, they are not really intended to work as replacements to any of the styles. For instance, a foldable bike might not be the right choice if you’re setting out on a 50-mile excursion.

Basically, if you’re not really a hardcore road bike or a mountain bike rider, you could go for their foldable alternatives if you need more convenience.  And if you are a hardcore biker, you could still consider getting one of these as your second bike.

Ready, Get Set, Go

Foldable bikes are a kind of revolution in the cycling world. These bikes are now getting popular all over the world, encouraging manufacturers to offer them in different styles and designs.

If you love riding bikes but find it difficult to carry or store your bike, a foldable bike can be an excellent choice for you.

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How to Improve Grip on Badminton Shoes

Nov 10, 2018

For indoor sports like badminton, it is essential to make sure that your shoes have an excellent grip to enable quick movements. If you’re looking for ways to improve the grip of your shoes you wear while playing badminton, the tips discussed in this post are sure to help.

Once you’ve invested in good-quality footwear for playing badminton, the next step is its maintenance. This is especially true if you want to make sure that your shoes continue providing excellent grip when you’re on the court.

The shoe grip plays a crucial role in a sport such as badminton where the player needs to be very quick with movements and directions. If your shoes are sliding, rest assured that you’ll not be able to perform up to your potential.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to improve the grip of the shoes you wear while playing badminton. 5 of the best ones are-

  1. Clean the Sole

The biggest reason for shoes to lose grip is the dirt and debris that gets stuck in its grip. Try to remove this trapped dirt and debris, and you’ll be able to enjoy a better grip.

Use warm soapy water and a cloth to clean the outsole of the shoes. If there are small stones in the grip, use something like a tweezer for removing them.

  1. Use a Wet Towel Between Games

You might have already seen a lot of players stepping on wet towels between their game. This too is done to improve the grip of the shoes.

If you start slipping in between the game, just step on a wet napkin or towel to remove the dirt that gets stuck to the grip. This is a simple and quick way to increase the traction of your shoes instantly. A lot of players also use sticky mats for the same.

  1. Keep the Court Clean

Needless to say, the cleaner the court, the cleaner will be your shoes. Avoid playing on courts that haven’t been cleaned for a while as the dirt would easily get stuck to the soles of your shoes to reduce its grip.

If you’re in between a game and feel that you’re not getting the required grip, get the court swept to remove the dirt. This can help improve the shoe grip.

  1. Use Sandpaper or Nail File

If you regularly play on a smooth court, you’ll see that the soles of your shoes get smoother with time and the grip reduces.

For this, clean the sole and abrade it with sandpaper or nail file. Don’t be too aggressive with the rubbing and only rub until the smooth parts have a textured and rougher feel.

  1. Try Adhesive Spray

Another very simple way to improve the grip of your badminton shoes is to use adhesive spray. Also known as grip sprays or traction sprays, they are very easy to use and offer improved grip. Just spray the solution on the soles of your shoes, let it dry, and you’re ready to go.

The shoes you wear while playing badminton should help you improve your performance. But with dirt and debris stuck underneath, you’re sure to experience reduced grip and more slips which can also be fatal at times. Use the tips discussed above to keep your shoes clean and boost your performance.

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