The Reasons Why Competition Can Be a Healthy Thing In Sports.

It is true that we live in a very competitive world and yet many parents try to protect their children from this very thing. When it comes to the sports day at schools, every kid gets a medal and while it is understandable that we should be proud that our children are taking part in sporting events, by giving everyone a medal, it doesn’t get them ready for the real world that is waiting for them out there. This is why many kids grow up not experiencing a competitive environment and so they end up missing out in the workplace and in life.

This is why it is so important that you as a parent try to enroll your child in many kinds of sporting events and especially ones that involve playing with other people and in competition. You wouldn’t believe it but there are so many volleyball tournament names out there that your kid could be taking part in right now and it will not only teach them how to play a very exciting sport but will also teach them the skills of life as well.

There are many reasons why competition can be a totally healthy thing when it comes to sports and the following are just some of those.

  • Great for learning new skills – If your child is involved in competitive sport on a regular basis then this will provide them with the perfect setting for learning many new skills like mixing with others and learning very important social skills. Social skills are important when kids are growing up, when they become teenagers and when they become adults much later on.
  • Competition brings out the best – There is absolutely no doubt that competing in competitive sport offers great excitement for children and when a young boy or girl is excited about something then they want to get better at it and so this helps them to develop better skills as well. They will always be pushing to give something their very best and this is a life skill that we all need when we eventually and enter the job market.
  • It teaches about cooperation – It is important that children learn about working with other kids because due to the Internet, many children spend far too much time by themselves and their various digital devices. This means that their skills for interaction and communication are suffering as a direct result and so is important that they learn these essential skills in a sporting context.

Hopefully, these three reasons have explained why competition can be a very healthy thing for your child and why you should be trying to get them to take part in many different sports throughout their childhood. As a parent, it is your job to teach them about what life is really about and how they are going to come up against other people in a working and social capacity. Do the right thing and teach them about competition.