December 2, 2023

If we were to sum up the recent history of the Brooklyn Nets, the word “failure” seems most fitting. They traded away many assets, spent a lot of money on stars, and never made it to the NBA Finals. Now they find themselves where they were many years ago – at the starting phase of rebuilding their team.

How successful and quick can this process be? Let’s try to understand. It’s important to note that on the website, you can find a detailed bookmaker review, which will accept bets on all regular season and NBA playoff games.

Key facts

Results of the previous season: 6th place, 45-37.


Incoming – Dennis Smith, Lonnie Walker, Derrik Whitehead (22nd pick), Trendon Watford, Noah Clowney (21st pick).

Remaining – Kem Thomas, Spencer Dinwiddie, Mikal Bridges, Royce O’Neal, Dorian Finney-Smith, Cameron Johnson, Ben Simmons, DaRon Sharpe, Nick Claxton.

What to Expect from the Team

It’s important to note that the last game played by either Irving or Durant was in the 51st game of the season, a match against the Celtics where Kyrie played, and the Nets lost. So, their record stands at 31-20. After that, there were star trades, and the Nets finished the season with a record of 14-17. Fans of the team should expect that Brooklyn will win around 50% of their games. I highly doubt it will be more, and it’s quite likely to be less.

During the summer, several players joined the Nets. Smith, Walker, and Whitehead bolstered their backcourt. Dennis and Lonnie, who signed minimal one-year contracts, could be considered “flyers” looking to carve out a role in the rotation of a team that is relatively average. They hope to either increase their role within the team or secure a higher paycheck.

One intriguing prospect is Derrik Whitehead, the 22nd pick in the draft. An athletic combo guard, Whitehead poses a threat to the opposing basket from anywhere on the court. He is just 19 years old and is a versatile player with a great feel for the game. However, Whitehead had to undergo ankle surgery last year, which forced him to miss the beginning of the college season. He later had another operation closer to the draft.

Players like Kem Thomas and Spencer Dinwiddie will provide competition for these positions. For Dinwiddie, it’s his second stint with the Nets, and if things go as well as his first time, he should be content. As for Thomas, the upcoming season will be his third in the NBA. If he continues to progress, he will have a place in the league.

Keep an eye on Mikal Bridges and his development. Can he take a step forward and become the team’s primary scoring option, positively affecting the results? Or will he become more of a “garbage scorer,” which would suit the team as a second or even third option?

The Nets signed Kessler Edwards to a 2-way contract, which could be interesting to watch. He’s a versatile forward with three-point shooting and defensive skills.

Season’s Joker: Ben Simmons

I’ve long written off Simmons, but I’m still interested in seeing him in a new team after (hopefully) recovering from his back injury and all the “tiktok training” where he was supposedly working on his three-point shooting. In the preseason games, he looked fresh and strong, playing defense and passing well, reminiscent of his best days.

The Nets are a team you don’t have high expectations for. So, I hope that something of a “resurrection” happens for them, similar to the likable team led by Kenny Atkinson with Russell, LeVert, Dinwiddie, Allen, Dudley, and others.

Prediction: 10th place in the Eastern Conference.

Alton Pich

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